GothCon och Runewars

Publicerad: Torsdag, 13 april 2017
Marcus och Andres

Sf-bokhandeln är på plats på Gothcon! Vi finns i sal N206 i år och bjuder kunder på kaffe från SF-bokhandelns nya café Sirius!

Utöver vår största fyndkampanj nånsin på Gothcon så hittar man exempelvis rollspelet Ur Varselklotet och Natalia Batista signerar nya rollspelet Sword Princess! Dessutom har vi med nya spelsläpp så som
Runewars och det helt makalösa War of the Ring Anniversary Edition.

Andres, som har hunnit provspela ett par omgångar av Runewars, är entusiastisk:

"RUNEWARS has finally launched, and with it comes FFG's hope of entering the true Miniatures Game Market. Runewars is a grand fantasy battle game set in the lands of Terrinoth, the same setting as Descent and Runebound. Players familiar with FFG's X-Wing will feel right at home with the rules of Runewars as they are a heavily modified and highly updated ruleset based on the Flight Path/Maneuver System. Players build their armies of a particular faction up to a pre-set point value limit, and attempt to destroy each-other or complete a predetermined objective in order to claim victory from the clutches of their foes. Play is broken down into rounds, where in players have specially designed dials for each respected group of units on the board to determine what movement and action they will attempt this round, afterwords players reveal said dials in an initiative order as determined by the unit, and perform their said movement followed by whatever attack or special ability the player determined on the dial.

I was fortunate enough to play Runewars twice now, once in a prototype stage and once again in it's final stage at Essen last year. As a veteran X-Wing player I instantly felt comfortable with the rules and mechanics as they felt very seamlessly incorporated in this lager scale and larger unit count fight. I loved the choices and combinations one could make with their unit dials and the interplay of dice and their symbols, players familiar with Descent or Imperial Assault will be familiar with the Surge mechanic and its effect on the game. The core box includes two armies, Humans v Undead with numerous expansions planned for this year. I look forward to seeing the game develop over time."


Utgåvor av RuneWars - The Miniatures Game Core Set

Fantasy Flight Games (2017)
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