Publicerad: Måndag, 24 september 2018, Skribent: Andres

Today Solo a Star Wars Story is released on DVD and Blu-ray. The much forgotten star wars film that was released earlier this year is finally available for all those who ignored it in theaters to give it a second chance. Solo is a hard film to love as a Star Wars fan, the much publicized production troubles clearly left a very unbalanced and inconsistent film. In an age of world building and franchises it also feels like it was the one Star Wars film in the series who desperateness tried to tie in many of the surrounding comics and tv shows into the film mythology and it did so with varying results. In the recent months I have been playing Force and Destiny [143790], the Star Wars Roleplaying game which utilizes the Narrative Dice System and upon further viewings of Solo I have grown to appreciate it as a sort of adaptation of FFG's other game, Edge of The Empire [123186] which also uses the Narrative dice system. Edge of the Empire is a game where people play as the scum and villainy through out the galaxy, each player begins the game by choosing character classes as well as an Obligation. Obligation's work in short like this; your character does what they do across the galaxy because they have a debt to pay off to the huts, or you have to support your family, you left a loved one back on Corellia you have to get back to, you swore an oath to a criminal syndicate ect ect. Characters are encouraged to use this obligation during gameplay in in order to drive their characters motivations. Solo's characters feel at times less like the younger iterations of the some of the characters we have met in the past and at times more like pre-made character sheets for the game, each with a basic Obligation. To me, Solo often feels like I'm watching someone else play an RPG, which in a world of Critical Role and Twitch Streaming maybe sounds enjoyable to some people and less enjoyable to others. Never the less, a Star Wars completionist can not miss this release. May the Force Be With you


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