Pandemic jubileumsutgåva

Publicerad: Onsdag, 12 december 2018, Skribent: Andres

10 years ago, Matt Leacock released Pandemic and in doing so helped introduce co-operative board games to thousands of players both new and old. Pandemic was not the first co-op board game but in recent years it’s hard to say that it isn’t the most well known one. With its easy barrier of entry and its challenging and rewarding game play it is a well deserved game of our time. With the massive success of Pandemic, Matt himself has attempted to refine and rework the design in numerous ways. Separate themed pandemics with unique mechanics have been released over the years such as Pandemic Rising Tide, Pandemic Cthulhu and most notably Pandemic Legacy. Pandemic Legacy added the concept of playing Pandemic not just as a one-off game but as an evolving campaign wherein players mark the board and progress though a narrative. Last week saw the release of Pandemic: Fall of Rome when in players are trying to defend Rome from Anglo-Saxons, Goths, Vandals, and Huns, while trying to forge an alliance with all five tribes. Yet with all these options and more Pandemic is still just as popular as ever, maybe even more so due to word of mouth. So much so that Z-man games has released a Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition to commemorate the game; this special anniversary edition includes new art and graphic design, plastic miniatures and finally it comes packed in a replica medical briefcase.


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