Publicerad: Måndag, 21 augusti 2017, Skribent: Andres

This last weekend was GenCon 2017, incidentally the 50th anniversary of Gen Con.  Gen Con began as a small convention hosted and organized by Gary Gygax in his home town of Lake GENeva, Wisconsin with an attendance of 12 people. Today Gen Con has exploded to North America’s largest game convention with attendance this year estimated at around 85k to 90k.

GenCon is also the hosts of the ENnie Awards, the highest award for Roleplaying Games, think of it as the Oscars but for an industry that matters. Sweden’s own Ur Varselklotet (Tales from the Loop) took home a stunning 5 Gold awards for Product of the Year, Best Game, Best Setting, Best Interior Art and Best Writing. I hope you will all join us in sending a huge Congratulations to all the amazing staff over at Fria Ligan!

Other Highlights of the show were Fallout The Board Game which is scheduled to release later this year, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, and Starfinder which sold out of its initial print run at the show.