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Publicerad: Torsdag, 27 juni 2019

Expanding the Universe by Gail Z. Martin

Getting cursed and haunted objects out of the wrong hands and saving the world from supernatural threats is just another day for Cassidy Kincaide, Teag Logan, and the rest of the Deadly Curiosities crew. Trifles and Folly, the antique and curio shop in historic, haunted Charleston, SC has been in Cassidy’s family for hundreds of years, a front for an alliance of mortals and immortals who stop dark magic dangers.

Over the course of three novels and two collections of short stories and novellas, Cassidy and her friends have taken on some pretty big threats, learned a lot about wielding magic, and worked with an impressive array of supernatural allies.

Inheritance, the fourth book in the series, comes out later this year, and involves the ghost of one of Cassidy’s ancestors, a pirate/privateer from the time of the American Revolution.

The Deadly Curiosities universe has also expanded into crossovers with our other urban fantasy series. Mark Wojcik, in our Spells Salt and Steel series, passes off dangerous magical items to Cassidy and crew. Travis Dominick, in Sons of Darkness (Night Vigil series), also knows about Trifles and Folly. In my Morgan Brice Badlands series (urban fantasy MM paranormal romance),  Simon Kincaide, Cassidy’s cousin, is one of the main characters. He’s a psychic medium and folklore expert who serves as a consultant to hunters who need help with lore and legends. Simon knows Travis and Mark. He’s also a resource to Seth Tanner, the main character of my (Morgan Brice) Witchbane series, who is hunting down the dark warlocks responsible for his brother’s death. And he’s a grad school friend of Erik Mitchell, the main character in my (Morgan Brice) Treasure Trail series whose background lies in stopping art fraud and relic theft.

Having characters crossover between series has made it possible to see different sides of the characters and experience them through the lens of people who know them in different ways. It adds a sense of reality to the big picture, because the characters inhabit a larger world filled with friends, former classmates, colleagues and fellow hunters.

I’ve been having a lot of fun seeing how characters react to new situations and reveal aspects of their personalities. They not only become more real in my mind, but also to readers, as they take one an even stronger life of their own. By working together, they show readers a larger hunter community, and open up some amazing new plot opportunities. I can’t wait to see where the stories go from here!

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