Vagabond Big Edition Vol 9

Av Takehiko Inoue

| Del 9 i serien Vagabond Big Edition
Vagabond Big Edition Vol 9
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It's been one year since Yoshioka Denshichiro granted Musashi a reprieve for a rematch. Denshichiro may have been a better swordsman back then, but with Musashi before him now, he realizes the truly incredible strides his opponent has made in such a short period of time. By sheer force of will, a reluctant Denshichiro moves forward into the fight. And what will the deadly repercussions be for Musashi after this duel that's all but already won?
Realsistiskt våld, riktar sig inte till barn. Samlingsvolym med del 25-27 av serien.##


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