Fuzzy Nation

Av John Scalzi

| 2011
Fuzzy Nation
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From New York Times bestseller and Hugo Award-winner John Scalzi, comes Fuzzy Nation, an extraordinary retelling of the SF classic Little Fuzzy.

They're small. They're fuzzy. They'll change his life.

On the planet Zarathustra, Jack Holloway is about to strike it rich. A contractor for intergalactic behemoth ZaraCorp, he’s just discovered a mining seam worth billions. It would make the corporation a fortune, and set Jack up for life. Everyone wins – then he discovers the Fuzzies.

Small, intelligent and cat-like, the Fuzzies are the cutest creatures this side of the galaxy. They’ve set up home in Jack’s cabin, and have become best friends with his dog. They’re also standing in the way of ZaraCorp’s profits. For the planet’s resources can only be exploited if it’s free of native sentients. ZaraCorp’s solution: to eliminate the Fuzzies for good. And they’ll permanently silence anyone who interferes – including Jack.


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