Cthulhu candle

Inredning: Cthulhu Mythos

| 2022
Cthulhu candle
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Arkham's Last Glimmer of Hope!

This decorative and pleasant-smelling candle is created by Lovecraft fans for Lovecraft fans. There's a lot going on here. The glass candle holder is designed to release the light from within, both from the candle itself and from a series of LED lights which are powered by the burning of the candle itself. It comes with a heavy zinc alloy lid, emblazoned with runes from the Simon Necronomicon. And it's all elegantly packaged in a slightly ominous gift box.

The candle is 100% plant-based. We don't understand the bizarre sorcery whereby the burning of the candle powers the LED lights, but it works and the effect is very pleasing. The candle with the LED effect will only work through the burning of the candle that is included; after which you can replace it with an ordinary candle, essential saltes or other material.

This candle, crafted by our friends at Vermilion Collection, makes for a nifty gift for any Lovecraft fan.


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