Sanity Coin

Rollspel: Tillbehör: Cthulhu Mythos

| 2022
Sanity Coin
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Sanity & Madness - two sides of the same coin

Teetering on the brink of madness and don't know which way to go? Need to resolve a gaming SAN roll in a hurry? The HPLHS is here to save the day with our Sanity Coin. This wondrous device is a traditional clay coin, both larger and heavier than a US silver dollar - it's made by a manufacturer of high-end poker chips. It's illustrated on one side with "Sanity" and the calm and healing visage of Aesculapius, while the other side says "Madness" and features the crazed maniae - the Ancient Greek personifications of insanity.

Toss it to help make a decision, use it as a Challenge Coin, really it's up to you. We're just interested in preserving the vestiges of your mental health. Why did we make these? Maybe we're just crazy, but now you can give the gift of mental health.

Coin is 1 7/8 inches (45 mm) in diameter.


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