Alas for the Awful Sea Hardcover

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| 2018
Alas for the Awful Sea Hardcover
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Unnatural storms and terrifying waves forced your ship to shore. Now you're stuck here, in this dirt poor town, drenched in the smell of cheap whiskey and rotten fish.

As poverty and politics consume the town, and folklore tales come to life, you will face harsh realities and even harsher choices. You and your crew must make deals, find answers, and pick sides. But believe me, you won't all pick the same one.

Alas is a story-focused tabletop roleplaying game about a ship's crew navigating the remote British Isles. There, they face a world consumed with suspicion, sadness, and desperation. Struggles for power have deadly consequences; mysterious disappearances plague the region; and those who seem human may not all be so. Amidst all this, the sea sends forth strange messages. Will you be the one to listen?
# Suspense, seafaring and the supernatural all feature in Alas. But they're not what this game is about. We created this game to tell grim stories about the complexities of the human heart. Alas for the Awful Sea is about why people hate, and what they fear. It is about desperation and the havoc it wreaks. In this world, there are no easy decisions. Friends come at a bitter cost, and even defeating enemies can have terrible consequences.

Alas is grounded in the struggles of ordinary people, and is based on real tales that chart the fate and fears of their tellers. It is not a world of high fantasy where might and magic create superhero levels of power. Rather, the mystical is dangerous, unpredictable, and strange. This game is for telling stories like Pans Labyrinth, Whale Rider, and a grown up Secret of Roan Inish, in the setting of 1800s rural British Isles.
Powered by the Apocalypse##


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