Serie Sea of Thieves: Origins

Dive into the lore of the Sea of Thieves in this action-packed graphic novel. When three unlikely travellers set sail for pirate waters, making their fortune will also make history!

Filled with action, gold and untold tales of glory, the Sea of Thieves is a strange and treacherous stretch of ocean where scoundrels and scallywags from all walks of life flock to test their might and mettle.

Within this pirate paradise three Trading Companies thrive: one of greed and gilded flesh, one of mercenary merchants, and one of skeletal skulduggery. Discover exactly how each of them found a way to flourish in an ocean thick with thievery.

Collects Sea of Thieves Origins: The Price of Gold, Sea of Thieves Origins: The Bonds of Union and Sea of Thieves Origins: The Vision of Order and features some behind the scenes development of the comic series.

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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