Sea of Thieves: Origins Vol. 2 Champion of Souls

Av Jeremy Whitley

| Del 2 i serien Sea of Thieves: Origins
Sea of Thieves: Origins Vol. 2 Champion of Souls
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Collected in print for the first time, discover how Arthur Pendragon became the scourge of skellies everywhere in this supernatural swashbuckling adventure!

Before the Blackwyche became a relic in Shipwreck Bay, it was home to one of the noble and legendary pirates the Sea of Thieves had ever known. Follow the rise of Sir Arthur Pendragon as he forges his name as the Champion of Souls, striking fear into the bones of every skeleton who dares to roam the waves – but when Arthur finally meets the fearsome captain Greymarrow, will he be able to save his crew, or will is his story doomed to be lost at sea?

Sea of Thieves Origins: Champion of Souls collects issues 1-3 of the digital comic series Sea of Thieves Champion of Souls.


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