Word Bearers Omnibus

Av Anthony Reynolds

| Del 1 i serien Word Bearers
Word Bearers Omnibus
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The Word Bearers have struck fear into the hearts of their enemies for many a dark millennium. Long since having succumbed to the power of Chaos, their rampages across the stars and terrible deeds in the service of the Dark Gods have raged for ten thousand blood-soaked years.

In this trilogy of explosive tales, the traitorous sons of Lorgar are plunged into war zones and blistering space battles, facing destruction from all fronts as they enslave the Imperial planet Tanakreg, decipher an ancient necron artefact and take on all manner of vile xenos in their quest to tear down the Imperium of Man.

Charting Dark Apostle Marduk’s rise from obscurity to dark prominence, with an insatiable lust for power, this omnibus features the novels Dark Apostle, Dark Disciple and Dark Creed by Anthony Reynolds, plus the short story ‘Torment’.


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