UQ Holder! vol 24

Av Ken Akamatsu

| Del 24 i serien UQ Holder!
UQ Holder! vol 24
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After T??ta defeats the Fushi-Gari targeting Kur??maru, the Shinmei reveal a big secret. They have located Ialda and also calculated when she will activate her ultimate spell, Cosmo Entelekheia. With this information in hand, the time has come for UQ Holder to ?nally confront Ialda and end her for good. Once the ?nal preparations have been made, UQ Holder will depart from the top of the tower to Pluto. T??ta will ?nally achieve his dream of reaching the top of the tower as a ?eet of spaceships await to take UQ Holder to battle. However, his dream may become a nightmare...


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