Thor By Jason Aaron Complete Collection Vol 4

Av Jason Aaron

Thor By Jason Aaron Complete Collection Vol 4
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A tragic tale of three Thors! Jane Foster, mighty wielder of Mjolnir. The fallen and unworthy Odinson. But who will be the War Thor? No longer fit to lift his hammer, the Odinson’s desperate quest for redemption takes him into the cosmos — where the ultimate weapon awaits! But he isn’t the only one vying for it… The new War Thor must be ready for battle when the Queen of Cinders sets the Ten Worlds ablaze — and even the combined might of all three heroes may not be enough when final judgment arrives in the form of the Mangog! Meanwhile, what of Jane Foster’s cancer? The heroic story of the Goddess of Thunder reaches its heartrending zenith!

COLLECTING: Unworthy Thor (2017) 1-5, Mighty Thor (2015) 20-23, Generations: Unworthy Thor & Mighty Thor (2017) 1, Mighty Thor (2015) 700-706, Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla (2018) 1


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