The Yakuza's Bias 1

Av Teki Yatsuda

| Del 1 i serien The Yakuza's Bias
The Yakuza's Bias 1
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Ken Kanashiro är högt uppsatt inom den japanska maffian by day och k-popfan by night. Uppfostrad i en värld av organiserad brottslighet, heder och lojalitet blir Kens dyk in i k-popmusiken ett utlopp för glädje, dans och ren fandom.

Ken Kanashiro is one of the top lieutenants in the feared yakuza outfit the Washio Clan. He lives his life by the code of the Japanese underworld, where nothing is more important than loyalty, and ties between soldiers and their aniki are sacred bonds. Ken's never had time for hobbies... until the boss's only daughter Megumi drags him to a K-pop concert, and he sees the glittering, charismatic Jun for the first time. Smitten like a new recruit on his first job, Ken plunges into fandom with the solemnity and passion only a true man who walks the way of the yakuza could muster. Don't miss this cult hit comedy manga, which went from online sensation to print bestseller!


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