The Unofficial Harry Potter Companion Volume 2: Chamber of Secrets

Av Alohomora! Podcast, J K Rowling

| 2023 | Del 2 i serien Unofficial Harry Potter Companion
The Unofficial Harry Potter Companion Volume 2: Chamber of Secrets
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The Alohomora! podcast began five years after the release of the final Harry Potter book as a way to rediscover the original magic of the novels. Almost a decade later, the fandom - and the podcast - is bigger than ever, with more analysis and conversations happening about the Harry Potter story than ever before.

This second book in the new companion series will help readers discover new ideas, connections, and secrets embedded throughout Chamber of Secrets and explore them in a whole new way. For each chapter of the original text, readers will find information gathered from a multitude of official sources, including a timeline that puts everything into an easily envisioned context. Readers will discover helpful information about characters, events, artifacts, and more. Insights and analysis drawn from the hosts and guests of the podcast starts a reader of the companion on their journey of their own analysis.

In addition, there are explorations of popular fan theories (both those that were popular at the novel’s time of publication and have been disproved, and those that continue in the fandom today). Readers will also find connections to extra-canonical information and other MuggleNet series books, as well as a QR code that leads to episodes of the podcast to further the conversation.


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