The Rescue & The Romans

Genre: DVD: Doctor Who

The Rescue & The Romans
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The TARDIS gains a new crew member then travels back in time to Nero's Rome in these two classic adventures starring William Hartnell.
   The Rescue
   Arriving on the planet Dido in the late 25th Century, the time travellers come upon a crashed spaceship from Earth. Its two occupants are living in fear of a creature called Koquillion, but everything is not as it seems.
   The Romans
   The time travellers are enjoying a rare holiday, staying at a villa not far from Rome in the year 64 AD. The Doctor soon becomes restless and sets off to visit the city. Having been mistaken for the famous lyre player and asked to perform at the Emperor Nero's Court, the Doctor has to devise ever more elaborate schemes to avoid revealing that he cannot actually play the instrument.
   - Region 2. Import från England
   - Språk: engelska
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