The Lurking Fear

HP Lovecraft Historical Society

| 2019 | Del 21 av 22 i serien Dark Adventure Radio Theatre
The Lurking Fear
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Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The Lurking Fear brings to life H.P. Lovecraft's tale of a lingering supernatural horror in a 1930s-style radio drama. Dark Adventure Radio Theatre presents the tale with a huge cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and thrilling original music by Troy Sterling Nies.
   A freak storm decimates the population of a remote village in the Catskill Mountains. As the local authorities investigate, they begin to suspect there's more at work than unseasonable weather. Their inquiries lead them to an abandoned mansion from the days when New York was a Dutch colonial territory. Is the old mansion haunted by the victim of a tragic murder? Are strange wild animals roaming the surrounding woods, preying on human victims? Or could there be more terrible forces at work, lurking unseen in the foreboding back woods?
   The CD edition will feature the 70-ish minute audio show plus a collection of props to enhance your listening experience. Current plans include:
   a map showing Lefferts Corners and Tempest Mountain in New York's Catskill Mountains
   a newspaper account of unspeakable tragedy
   a revealing letter from long ago, possibly in the Dutch language Arthur Munroe's press credentials


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