The Lure of Atlantis

Av Michael Wheatley

The Lure of Atlantis
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'All about us on the stairs was some of the most exquisite statuary I have ever seen... save for a few pieces carved in the form of some hideous beast, the like of which I have never seen on earth...'

The sunken continent of Atlantis has dwelt in the collective imagination of writers and artists for centuries; a bejewelled paradox bubbling with themes of irrecoverable loss and quixotic faith in its rediscovery. This new anthology collects stories from the vast, yet seldom recognised, vault of Atlantean fiction from the Golden Age of Weird Tales magazine, presented in four core sections, perfect for diving into:
- Atlantis Rediscovered – in which the ruins of ancient Atlantis are found again.
- Atlantis Revisited – tales of Deep Time, in which the descendants of Atlanteans re-live the experiences of ancestors.
- Atlantis Resurrected – in which Atlantis never sunk at all but remains at large in the world.
- Atlantis Reimagined – in which the continent is fertile ground for experiments in Weird Fantasy and beyond.


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