The Bottled Sea

Rollspel: Regler: OSR - Old School Revival

| 2021
The Bottled Sea
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Inspired by Waterworld, New Weird and a Canticle for Leibowitz, the Bottled Sea is an alternate dimension, where ships and sailors from across history are sucked inadvertently into, through strange wormholes and foul circumstance. Locked in a timeless state, the Sea is a flooded realm of buoyant wastes, coral-reefs of multiversal debris, floating wrecks, and makeshift technology, littered with sunken vestiges of a world that was or could yet be. Four factions with competing agendas vie for control over the Harborage, a suspended port city of rubble and ruin in the very centre of the endless waters.

What do you get?

40 punch-out modular hexes in cardboard.
Heavy-duty GM screen containing hex-descriptions, optional rules, tools, random tables, a mini-adventure and a detail of the Harborage.
Hand-out poster depicting the Harborage city and the Beacon in heavy paper.
'What's in the sea?' die-drop poster.
Watercrafts of the Bottled Sea accordion-booklet.
Pamphlet module The Floating Hexahedron.
Cloth bag.
Put all hexes in the bag, take one out randomly and place it on the table. That’s where the characters start the adventure. Ask where they want to go next and take another hex from the bag. The map of the setting is formed while players explore the ocean.

The Bottled Sea is a system-agnostic RPG setting in the hex-n-screen format. Highly compatible with traditional Sword-n-Sorcery and Science Fantasy roleplaying games. Includes 40 hexes, GM screen, watercrafts booklet, hand-out posters, pamphlet module, and cloth bag.


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