Putrescence Regnant A Mörk Borg Bog Crawl

Rollspel: Äventyr: Mörk Borg

| 2021
Putrescence Regnant A Mörk Borg Bog Crawl
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Ear-shattering, rot reeking bog crawl for MÖRK BORG
PUTRESCENCE REGNANT is a MÖRK BORG bog crawl in LP vinyl format, yellow and black marbled. The gatefold cover doubles up as an impromptu GM screen with a map of Targ-Dungel, rules for traveling, capsizing and drowning, information about the roaming undead bog bodies and a random encounter table for each of the three distinct sections of the bog: The Royal Swamps, Killer's Moor and The Rotlands.

Included in the record is also an 8-page insert full of content such as a map and description of the swamp hamlet Traurish, circa 20 minor locations as well as the three factions and their dwellings. Adding to this are creatures, swamp gas, foul smells and soggy death for hours upon hours of rotten gaming. The inner sleeve also has a player-facing map on one side.

A collaboration between:

Johan Nohr of Stockholm Kartell and Pelle Nilsson of Ockult Örtmästare Games
Andre Novoa and Manuel Pinheiro of Games Omnivorous
Exalted Funeral
Including contributions by:

Brian Yaksha
MoonRat Conspiracy
Greg Saunders
Wayne June
Mange Maria
Greg Anderson
Vinyl LP RPG game. Gatefold doubles as a GM screen and includes 8 page insert.


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