Skyrim: The Adventure Game From the Ashes Expansion

Brädspel: Expansion: Elder Scrolls

| 2023
Skyrim: The Adventure Game From the Ashes Expansion
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A new threat arises from the ashes, a powerful dragon is terrorizing the holds, meanwhile ghosts of your fallen companions haunt your every step. Add two major storylines to your existing game, new Dungeon and Treasure cards, special Armour Sets and more.

Expand your campaigns with new additional storylines and mechanics. A collection of optional, modular expansions for Skyrim: The Adventure Game & Dawnguard.
1-4 Players Co-Op
From the Ashes 10-Part, Dragon Encounter
Ghosts of the Blades 10-Part, Ghost Encounter (Including 10 Translucent Miniatures)
5 Mini-Campaign Storylines
Additional Dungeon Encounters
A Hoard of New Equipment & Armor Sets


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