Av R A Salvatore

| 2020 | Del 3 av 3 i serien The Drizzt Series
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Displaced in time and unexpectedly reunited with his son Drizzt Do’Urden, Zaknafein
has overcome the prejudices ingrained in him as a drow warrior to help his son battle
the ambitious Spider Queen and stem the tide of darkness that has been unleashed
upon the Forgotten Realms. Though Zaknafein has endured the most difficult battles,
survival has come at a terrible cost, and the fight is far from over.
Facing demons and driders, Zaknafein carries the entire weight of Menzoberranzan
surrounding Gauntlgym on his shoulders once more. But the chances of survival for
him and his old friend and mercenary Jarlaxle look bleak. Trapped in a desperate and
seemingly hopeless situation, the legendary warriors must reach deep inside
themselves to face the impossible.
While the burdens Zaknafein bears are more than enough for one of Menzoberrazan’s
greatest warriors, fate holds further challenges.


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