Pusheen: I Like You More Than Pizza

Av Claire Belton

| 2020
Pusheen: I Like You More Than Pizza
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Tell your friends and loved ones "I like you more than pizza" with this charming fill-in book, featuring prompts inspired by the internet's favorite chubby tabby cat.
Pairing 46 sweet and endearing fill-in-the-blank prompts with cheeky, humorous illustrations, this book offers a fun way to craft a personal and one-of-a-kind gift for your friend, sister, parent, or significant other. Prompts include:
"We made a great team when we _____" next to a picture of Pusheen and her sister Stormy building a snowman
"I kinda like you because _____" with Pusheen looking at herself in the mirror
"I love the _____ you gave me" paired with a picture of Pusheen in a cardboard box
"You are beautiful to me because _____" illustrated by the majestic Pusheenicorn
"Let's go _____" with Pusheen holding a suitcase


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