Mutant Genlab Alpha Core Rulebook

Rollspel: Regler: År Noll System: Mutant Year Zero

| 2014
Mutant Genlab Alpha Core Rulebook
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During the great apocalypse, humanity fled to the depths of the underground enclaves. In genetic laboratories, researchers tried to breed a new being, splicing human and animal DNA, creating a beast intelligent yet strong enough to survive in the devastated world. The enclaves have fallen - but the animals’ fight for freedom has only just begun.

Mutant: Genlab Alpha is a complete stand-alone expansion to the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game.

Get ready for a furry mutant (r)evolution!


New rules, PC roles, skills and powers for mutant animals. The expansion includes all the rules you need to play!
A detailed description of Paradise Valley, the mountain valley where the animals are being held captive.
A description of the mysterious underground facility called the Labyrinth, where the Watchers dwell.
The complete campaign Escape from Paradise, letting the players lead the animals’ fight for freedom.
Unique strategic game mechanics for putting the players truly in charge of the Resistance, planning its operations.
An overview of how the mutant animals can travel to the Zone if they escape, and join the human mutants of Mutant: Year Zero


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