Inis - Board Game


| 2016
Inis - Board Game
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Long before the potato famine, before the Book of Kells was made, before St. Patrick arrived, even before the Romans glimpsed its shores, Ireland was a contested place. Several peoples were lured there by its thick forests, bright green fields, and swift-flowing rivers, including the godlike Tuatha Dé Danann and the monstrous Formorians. The battles, marriages, quests, and migrations of these peoples are remembered in the earliest Irish myths, which are as full of strange magics and uncanny mysteries as the Giant's Causeway and the valley of Glendalough.
Lead one of Ireland's first peoples and perform legendary exploits in Inis, a two-to-four player board game designed by Christian Martinez and lavishly produced by Matagot. Inis immerses you in Ireland's mythological era, its fierce heroes, enchanted objects, and beautiful mist-covered landscape. Your goal in Inis is to become Ireland's first High King. Among your allies are the warrior Cuchulainn, the beautiful and tragic Deirdre, and the exiles Diarmuid and Grainne. Your tools include a magical spear, horses made out of sea-foam, a god's cauldron, and all the cards you can gather into your hand.
2-4 spelare från 14 år. Speltid 60-90 minuter. Regler på engelska.


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