Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography TURKS Light Novel

Av Kazushige Nojima

Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography TURKS Light Novel
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Evan Townshend is just one of many who lost everything during Meteorfall two years ago, and like the others, he has had to rebuild his life. In his case, this means working for Mireille's Investigative Services, a small company that tracks down missing friends and family. But when a case of mistaken identity drags him into a run-in with the Shinra Company's intimidating Administrative Research Department (better known as the Turks), Evan and his fellow investigator Kyrie Canaan begin ajourney to discover the truth-about both the world around them and themselves.

And the truths they uncover may run deeper than they expect... Experience another side of the world of FINAL FANTASY VII with this prequel to Advent Children!


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