Dungeons & Dragons: Trials of Tempus Board Game

Brädspel: Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons: Trials of Tempus Board Game
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BECOME A TEAM - Dungeons & Dragons: Trials of Tempus is a cooperative, team-based game for 2-8 players, where rival parties of Heroic adventurers battle to prove their worth and mettle in the ever-changing Battlerealms of Tempus, God of War!

CONQUER THE TRAIL - To win, you and your party must work together to earn more Victory Points than your rivals by completing Quests and gathering Loot, and finally defeating the Trial Guardian. The party with the most Victory Points wins!

GREAT FOR GAME NIGHT - Adventurers ages 12+ can team up with up to 8 adventurers around the game table for 30+ minutes, in attempts to defeat the trials laid before them.

HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES - The Standard Edition includes 25 highly detailed, unpainted miniatures. Painted or not, they are ready for the battlefield! Fight mobs of goblins, kobolds, and bugbears. And defend yourself against ogres and constructs!

GAME INCLUDES - 9 Map Tiles, 4 D20s, 25 Unpainted Miniatures, 1 Rule Book, 344 Cards, 333 Tokens


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