Av Johan Egerkrans

| 2021
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Dragons! Now also with all text in English.

Dragons, and legends about dragons, have been with us since time immemorial. In almost every culture and religion on earth, serpents and dragons have held a unique and special place. But what is it about these fire-breathing reptiles that continues to fascinate us? And where do they come from?

In his previous books, Johan Egerkrans have taken on folkloric creatures, the Norse gods and undead horrors from across the globe. Now he locks horns with the greatest monster of them all - the dragon.

In an incredibly beautiful book these scaly beasts are brought to life. From the sly Serpent of Paradise, the vile Nidhöggr who gnaws on the world tree Yggdrasil to hot-headed Japanese dragon women and the noble kirin. We're also introduced to a number of renowned dragon slayers such as Cadmus, Saint George and Beowulf along the way.

Johan Egerkrans' magnificent books have received high praise from both fans and critics, and he is one of Sweden's most popular contemporary illustrators. His take on dragons will leave no one disappointed. Dragons is a timeless tome for all ages.


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