Conquest Unbound: Stories from the Mortal Realms

Av Andy Clark, Guy Haley, Darius Hinks, Adrian Tchaikovsky

| 2022
Conquest Unbound: Stories from the Mortal Realms
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Across the vast expanses of the Mortal Realms, from the gloomy depths of Shyish to the fiery plains of Aqshy, opposing forces meet in desperate battle.

Sigmar's alliance of Order clashes with those of Chaos, Death, and Destruction in an endless dance of territory lost and gained. The conquests and travails of mighty heroes – legendary names like Yndrasta, Neferata, and Gotrek Gurnisson – are chronicled and passed down through the ages. tales of wild magic, savage beasts... and brutal war.

This Warhammer Age of Sigmar anthology contains 21 short stories featuring both new and established characters from the Mortal Realms.


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