The End Times: Doom of the Old World

Av Sarah Cawkwell, Guy Haley, Graeme Lyon, Josh Reynolds, Gav Thorpe

| Del 0 i serien End Times
The End Times: Doom of the Old World
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Dark forces arise and the Old World stands on the brink of destruction. Is this truly the End Times?

As the dread armies of the Everchosen march unabated across the desolation of the Empire, the mighty lords of distant lands look to take advantage of the growing crisis. In Naggaroth, the Witch King raises his armies against his ancestral home of Ulthuan, determined to conquer it and take it from the hated high elves and his rival Tyrion. Beneath the earth, another struggle plays out as the servants of the Horned Rat, the skaven, seek to topple the ancient kingdom of Karak Eight Peaks and lay low their old enemies the dwarfs.

Such conflicts, though grand in scale, are but a prelude to an even greater doom, as Archaon prepares his war host to sack Middenheim and the last bulwark of mankind against the ultimate victory of Chaos. Should he prevail and the mortal races fall, the Old World will not survive…

The Curse of Khaine (Novel) by Gav Thorpe
The Rise of the Horned Rat (Novel) by Guy Haley
The Lord of the End Times (Novel) by Josh Reynolds
The Siege of Naggarond (Short story) by Sarah Cawkwell
Bride of Khaine (Short story) by Graeme Lyon


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