Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Game (Base Version)

Brädspel: DC: Batman

| 2012
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Game (Base Version)
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Observera att det här är "Base Edition" av spelet - utan plastfigurer.

In the solitaire Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Board Game, you play "The World's Greatest Detective", who's been pulled back from retirement into a gritty Gotham. Do everything you can to beat back a relentless tide of ruthless mutants, cops, and press looking to bring you down. Instead of traditional leveling up, this is a game of attrition. An old Batman tries to survive one final gauntlet, facing old and new villains — such as Two Face, Billy Berserk, and The Joker — and even his most powerful ally, The Man of Steel himself.

The game is playable as standalone "missions" or one epic playthrough in which the results of each mission carry over to the next.

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