Melee at Murdershroom Marsh

Cryptozoic Entertainment

| 2017 | Del 3 av 4 i serien Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards
Melee at Murdershroom Marsh
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This stand-alone game is also 100% compatible with the original game or even Rumble at Castle Tentakill stand-alone expansion!
   Cantrips! Bad Trips! Dual-Glyphed Deliveries! A standalone expansion for Epic Spell Wars, Melee at Murdershroom Marsh ratchets up the EPIC with several exciting, new innovations! Cantrips are a great way to unclog your hand of too many of one spell type. So, even after making a full three-card spell, you can still add more bang to your brainsuck! Bad Trips give you great benefits when you play a lot of different glyphs in your spell. And Creatures are back! Half of the Deliveries are Creatures, and the other half are dual-glyphed blast èm spells. Oh, and most of the Treasures in Melee at Murdershroom Marsh are `Everlasting!`, which means they don`t go away when you die. Collect èm all!
   2-6 spelare. Speltid 30 minuter. Regler på engelska.