Arkham Horror Files: The Road to Innsmouth

Kortspel: Cthulhu Mythos: Arkham Horror Files

| 2022
Arkham Horror Files: The Road to Innsmouth
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OBS! Det här är en låda med "props" och en kod till ett "multimediaspel" online - inte ett komplett spel.

The Road to Innsmouth is an immersive, multimedia puzzle-solving experience, combining collectible artifacts with digital gameplay to tell the story of Stella Clark's mysterious journey into the heart of Innsmouth.

The Road to Innsmouth features:
A story based on the Arkham Horror card game and the Innsmouth setting.
Classic computer puzzle adventure with a new multi-media twist.
Get to play as fan-favorite Arkham Horror character, Stella Clark!
Explore the streets of Innsmouth!
Step inside the Gilman House Hotel!
High-quality interactive collectibles.
Original art by Lee Moyer.
Access to an online Escape Room that expands the story of Stella.


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