Serie Welcome to the Ballroom

The first 12 episodes from the Japanese anime based on the manga by Tomo Takeuchi. School student Tatara Fujita (voice of Shimba Tsuchiya) is struggling to find any enthusiasm for his school studies and has no future prospects. In his efforts to escape a gang who threaten to bully him Tatara finds himself inside the Ogasawara dance studio and suddenly he is intrigued by the grace of the dancers.
However, due to financial restrictions he is unable to join up until instructor Kaname Sengoku (Toshiyuki Morikawa) allows him to pay in instalments. As he participates in the competitive world of ballroom dancing Tatara is determined to succeed and overcome the many challenges as he embarks upon his journey of self-discovery.
The episodes are: 'Welcome to Ogasawara Dance Studio', 'Kiyoharu Hyodo', 'Dance the Waltz', 'Dancer's High', 'Partners', 'Line of Dance', 'The Tenpei Cup', 'Reality', 'A Flower in a Frame', 'Voltage', 'Final Evolution' and 'Encounters'.
- Europeisk blu-ray B/2. Import från England.
- Språk: japanska, engelska
- Text: engelska, ej svensk text

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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