Serie The Master Guide to Drawing Anime

From young love to heartbreak, the fourth anime drawing book in Christopher Hart’s bestselling Master Guide to Drawing Anime series helps users learn to draw the hugely popular Romance anime genre.

The newest addition to Christopher Hart’s bestselling Master Guide to Drawing Anime series takes on one of the most popular styles in Japanese cartoons: Romance. It provides an overview of romance subgenres and teaches every aspect of drawing romance anime, from common male and female anime character types to the dramatic—and funny—situations they find themselves in. Hart covers the complete arc of romantic anime stories—bliss, arguing, breaking up, and getting back together—and explains how to draw anime heads and bodies, match poses to the characters’ personalities, craft emotional expressions, design standout features, draw couples that click, and create a romantic setting. Fans will welcome this deep dive into the genre, and newcomers will be drawn in by the dynamic artwork that is a hallmark of Christopher Hart’s anime and manga drawing titles.

Suitable for all levels, from beginners who are just starting to learn how to draw anime, to advanced users who want to hone their skills, this is the ideal resource for all fans of anime and manga drawing, and can be used on its own or with the other titles in the Master Guide to Drawing Anime series. Drawing books are a perennial present to inspire young artists and a popular gift for teens. There is no greater tool than an art book to spark creativity, develop new artistic skills, and help kids and teens channel their energy towards positive self-expression.

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