Serie Romeo X Juliet

Författare: DVD: Anime (Europa)

All 24 episodes of Studio Gonzo's anime adaptation of the famous love story by William Shakespeare. In the fantastical aeropolis of Neo Verona, the noble house of Capulet ruled peacefully for generations - until 14 years ago, when the ancient grudge held by the rival house of Montague led to a mutiny and the Capulets were deposed and wiped out in a bloody coup. Now, as Neo Verona suffers under the despotic rule of its new masters, the fates of two star-crossed lovers are about to become tragically entwined...
   Innehåller avsnitt 1-24.
   - Region 2. Import från England
   - Format: 16:9
   - Ljud: engelsk 5.1, japanskt 2.0
   - Språk: engelska, japanska
   - Engelsk text. Ej svensk text

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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