Serie Piratica

Förlagets text:
Set in an alternate world akin to the nineteenth century, Lee's latest novel depends heavily on contrivance, beginning with the first scene: 16-year-old Art bumps her head and suddenly remembers her forgotten childhood, including her mother, a famous pirate. She knows her mother is dead, but she's determined to find the ship crew she remembers. She succeeds, but she's in for a metaphorical head thump. Her mother wasn't a real pirate; she only played one in a long-running stage show. Nonetheless, Art still thirsts for sea life, and she convinces the old stage crew to apply their skills to an authentic ship and try pirate life on real open seas. Perilous treasure hunts, near-death escapes, and a hint of romance ensue.

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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