Serie Patlabor Mobile Police

All seven episodes from the Japanese OVA series set in a technologically advanced world. Following the invention of Labors, giant robots which have enabled mankind to progress in heavy industries, there has been a rise in crime, with wrongdoers using the Labors for their own means. With their own versions of the robots known as Patlabors in tow, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicles Unit 2 fight to protect their city from all manner of criminals.
The episodes are: 'Second Unit, Move Out!', 'Longshot', 'The 450 Million-Year-Old Trap', 'The Tragedy of L', 'The SV2's Longest Day: Part1 ', 'The SV2's Longest Day: Part 2' and 'Go North, SV2!'.
- Region 2. Import från England
- Format: 4:3
- Språk: Japanska
- Text: Engelska

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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