Serie One Punch Man

Författare: DVD: Anime (Europa)

All 12 episodes, as well as the six OVA episodes, from the Japanese anime based on Yusuke Murata's manga remake of the web comic by ONE. For three years, Saitama (voice of Makoto Furukawa) rigorously trained himself to become the ultimate superhero. Despite losing all his hair in the process, Saitama is successful and no enemy can stand against him.
   In fact, Saitama is so overwhelmingly powerful that he only ever needs one punch to defeat his foes. This has led to him becoming hopelessly bored and resigned to his heroic duties as though they were chores. But when a cyborg named Genos (Kaito Ishikawa) arrives seeking to be Saitama's disciple, the pair decide to join the Hero Association and gain recognition in their ongoing fight for justice and excitement.
   The episodes are: 'The Strongest Man', 'The Lone Cyborg', 'The Obsessive Scientist', 'The Modern Ninja', 'The Ultimate Master', 'The Terrifying City', 'The Ultimate Disciple', 'The Deep Sea King', 'Unyielding Justice', 'Unparalleled Peril', 'The Dominator of the Universe' and 'The Strongest Hero'. The OVA episodes are: 'The Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close', 'The Pupil Who Is an Extremely Poor Talker', 'The Ninja Who Is Too Complicated', 'Bang, Who Is Too Overbearing', 'The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things Happening' and 'The Murder Case That Is Too Impossible'.
   - DVD region 2. Import från England.
   - Språk: japanska
   - Text: engelska

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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