Serie Moonstorm

In the far future, one of Earth’s lost colonies discovered advanced technology, but it came at a steep price. In the Empire of New Joseon, gravity can be manipulated—in fact, adhering to certain traditions causes gravity. As a result, the Empire demands conformity of its citizens, and is constantly seeking to defend its borders.

Hwa Young was just ten years old when her rebel moon home fell to pieces—literally. Six years later, Hwa Young is recruited by the Empire to become a lancer (humans who pilot giant mecha robots), but when she finds out that her fleet’s next assignment is her old home, she’s terrified that some survivor from her past will recognize her and out her to her new comrades as rebel-born.

Once there, Hwa Young discovers a terrible truth: the core worlds are collapsing into a cluster of black holes, and the Empire is hiding the information. Hwa Young will have to betray the Empire to save its citizens… but can she deal with the catastrophic consequences?

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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