Serie Mär

Författare: DVD: Anime (Europa)

Ginta Toramizu is your average eighth grader - maybe even less than average. But his luck is about to change. Every night, he dreams about a fairy-tale land where he finally gets a chance to be a hero, and when one day a gate appears before him, he's catapulted into the World of Mär, and the start of a spectacular adventure! To become a hero, though, he'll need the help of Babbo, a talking magical accessory called an ARM... Contains episodes 14-26 of the anime series. - Region 2. Import från England
   - Format: 4:3
   - Ljud: 2.0
   - Språk: engelska, japanska
   - Engelsk text. Ej svensk text.

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


Du kan bevaka "Mär" om du vill få ett mail varje gång det kommer in något nytt knutet till serien.

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