Serie Jekyll and Hyde

Författare: DVD: Horror

All ten episodes of the ITV drama loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel. Set in the 1930s, the series follows Dr. Henry Jekyll (Tom Bateman), the grandson of infamous Victorian scientist Dr. Robert Jekyll, as he battles his inherited split personality disorder. After experiencing his first traumatic transformation into the violent and seemingly superhuman Edward Hyde, Dr. Jekyll returns to London from Ceylon and begins delving into his family's history. But his presence attracts the attention of Sir Roger Bulstrode (Richard E. Grant), the head of an anti-monster spy network, and Captain Dance (Enzo Cilenti), the head of the mysterious Tenebrae organisation.
   The episodes are: 'The Harbinger', 'Mr. Hyde', 'The Cutter', 'The Calyx', 'Black Dog', 'Spring-heeled Jack', 'The Reaper', 'Moroli', 'The Incubus' and 'The Heart of Lord Trash'.
   - DVD region 2. Import från England.
   - Språk: engelska
   - Text: engelska
   - Skådespelare: Tom Bateman, Richard E. Grant, Tom Rhys Harries, Enzo Cilenti, Michael Karim

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.