Serie I Cross-Dressed for the IRL Meetup

“Cocoa” has found belonging in an all-girl who meet up for sweets. There’s just one problem: Cocoa’s actually a cross-dressing guy! What begins as a tense manga about online life turns into a lighthearted comedy about love, friendship, gender nonconformity, and what it means to be your true self.

“Cocoa” has made three best friends in her monthly meetup group, where girls get together every month to quell their sweet tooths by meeting up at the cutest and trendiest new dessert cafes. Cocoa is in it for the sweets–really!–but she’s also harboring a few secrets: Not only does Cocoa have a crush on another one of the girls in the group, Opera, but she’s actually a guy named Satoshi who’s been cross-dressing in order to attend the all-girl group! During one meetup, things come to a head when Opera discovers that Cocoa is cross-dressing–and to Cocoa’s surprise, Opera confesses that he is too! But Cocoa realizes that his attraction to Opera is more than clothing-deep, and as the two grow closer, they’ll learn more about each other–and their own selves–than they could have ever imagined.

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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