Serie Bodacious Space Pirates

Författare: DVD: Anime (Europa)

Episodes 1-13 of the anime about the exploits of a high school student who embarks on a new life as a pirate. When Marika (voice of Mikako Komatsu)'s father dies, she discovers that he led a secret life as the captain of the space pirate ship called 'Bentenmaru'. If that wasn't enough, Marika, being the only living descendant, now finds herself next in line to be the ship's new captain.
   The episodes are: 'Pirates Coming Through', 'My Power, the Power of the Pirates', 'The Odette II Leaves Port', 'The Final Battle is at Midnight', 'Marika Makes a Decision', 'Marika's First Day at Work', 'The Peace Does Not Last', 'The Princess and the Pirate', 'A Beautiful Launch', 'Battle in the Storm', 'Wanderer of Light', 'A Return from Eternity' and 'Marika Sends an Invitation'.
   - Region 2. Import från England
   - Språk: engelska, japanska
   - Text: engelska, ej svensk text

- Texten syftar på första delen i serien.


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