ZWEIHANDER Fantasy Horror RPG: Starter Kit

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| 2022
ZWEIHANDER Fantasy Horror RPG: Starter Kit
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Everything you need to play your first role-playing game, set in the fantasy horror world of ZWEIHANDER RPG.

Everything you need to play in a beginner-friendly box. ZWEIHÄNDER RPG is an award-winning, cooperative storytelling game set in a medieval fantasy world. It teaches starting gamers how to create their own fantasy characters who’ll embark on adventures filled with intrigue, mystery, and supernatural horror.

What's Inside:

One rulebook for creating characters
One rulebook for running the game
Secrets of Swanzi feature-length adventure
6 high-quality polyhedral dice
Folding Gamemaster’s Screen
Folding poster and village-crawl map
13 Character Profession Folios
9 Fortune and Misfortune tokens
18 Sliding Condition Trackers
72 Clue, Injury, and Spell cards


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