Zoo City

Av Lauren Beukes

| 2010
Zoo City
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Zoo City, av den sydafrikanska författaren Lauren Beukes, återerövrar urban fantasy-genren på ett sätt som minner om Jeff Noon och Michael Marshall Smith. Här blandas ingredienser från cyberpunk, crime noir, fantasy och modern stadsdjungel på ett originellt sätt. Rekommenderad läsning av bland andra William Gibson.
Meet Zinzi December. Animalled after murdering her own brother, Zinzi serves out her penance in a district of Johannesburg where "Zoos" such as she and sometime-significant other Benoit can live in relative peace, zoned off as they are from the rest of the world. With a Sloth slung over her shoulder, an externalisation of her fratricidal guilt and a constant reminder of her crime, life isn't easy for Zinzi. Against her better judgment, she works as a 419 scam artist in order to repay the staggering debt she has accumulated thanks to a past-tense drug addiction, making ends meet in the erstwhile by "finding lost things" with the supernatural talent she acquired as a by-product of being animalled. Only ever things, though - never people. But Zinzi's fallen on hard times. When one of her clients ends up mercilessly slaughtered and an opportunity to pay off her crippling debt once and for all arises, she puts her principles to the side and sets about her unusual charge: the rooting out of a missing Afropop starlet.

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