Xena Warrior Princess, The Complete Collection

DVD: Xena

Xena Warrior Princess, The Complete Collection
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Box set containing every episode from Series 1-6 of the series following Xena the mighty warrior princess (Lucy Lawless), who once led a band of outlaws that terrorised all of Greece. She has come to regret the harm she caused and, along with her companion Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), now travels the countryside seeking adventure and fighting the forces of evil. Xena Warrior Princess started as a spin-off to Hercules the Legendary Journeys but soon far exceeded it in popularity and cult status. Its beautiful setting, shot entirely on location in New Zealand, and its fresh take on ancient mythology where the gender bias of its inspiring cast is turned completely upside down, makes it well worth re-watching.
- DVD region 2. Import från England.
- Språk: engelska
- Text: Ingen textning ingår, varken svensk eller engelsk
- Skådespelare: Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Kevin Smith, Alexandra Tydings, Hudson Leick, Karl Urban


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