Wolf & Parchment Vol 2

Av Isuna Hasekura

| Del 2 i serien Wolf & Parchment
Wolf & Parchment Vol 2
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The aspiring priest Col and Myuri, daughter of the wisewolf Holo and the merchant Lawrence, are finally settled into Atiph City with the help of Heir Hyland. Setting the noble from Winfiel Kingdom’s ambitious plan into motion, Col and a group of local scribes devote themselves to transcribing the scriptures into the vernacular. But spreading the words of God strays from the path of righteousness as Our Book of God becomes a catalyst of unruly contempt towards the Church. Is this revolt too a part of Heir Hyland’s vision? While Col clings to his naïve faith in humanity’s goodness, he needs Myuri’s wisdom more than ever.


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